The Research Institute of Euro-Asian Studies

The Research Institute for Euro-Asian Studies is a special division of the University. The work on its creation had a long initial stage, as a result, the University accumulated significant experience in scientific and educational interaction with universities and research organizations of the Eurasian states. As a result of joint research and scientific and organizational work on the basis of relevant agreements, the Institute included: the Center for Eurasian Integration, the Kazakh-Russian Center for Legal Research, the Center for Food Security of the States of Eurasia, the Center for Experimental Eurasian Education, the Traditional Culture Center of Euro-Asian Peoples; research laboratory of nanobiotechnologies and research laboratory of nanoelectronics.

The main objectives of the Institute of Euro-Asian Studies are to coordinate, provide and conduct fundamental, exploratory and applied research and other science-intensive work; strengthening and expanding the activities of the University associated with IA EAEC and its partners (universities, research and other organizations) in the formation of a single scientific and educational space of Greater Eurasia.

The objectives of the Institute for Euro-Asian Studies (EAS Institute) are:

  • obtaining new scientific knowledge in the field of social, humanitarian and natural sciences as the basis for the formation and development of scientific schools and directions;

  • implementation of joint scientific works and their use in the activities of the CIS, EAEU, EEC, SCO, BRICS; scientific and educational activities of the University associated with IA EAEC and its partners;

  • conducting exploratory research in the field of creating and implementing innovative organizational and economic models of sustainable socio-economic development of the CIS, EAEU, SCO, BRICS member states;

  • research and development of theoretical and methodological foundations for the formation and development of higher education; strengthening the influence of science on the solution of educational and upbringing tasks, maintaining and strengthening the basic, defining nature of science for the development of higher education in the countries of Greater Eurasia;

  • dissemination and promotion of the implementation in the educational process, production, other activities and public life of the obtained scientific results, strengthening the scientific and public authority of the University associated with IA EAEC and its partners;

  • collection, generalization and scientific analysis of materials from the activities of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU);

  • organizing and conducting various types of expert work in the areas of activity of the CIS, EAEU, EEC, SCO, BRICS;

  • development of new, progressive forms of scientific and technical cooperation with scientific, design, technological organizations and business entities in order to jointly solve the most important scientific problems, create high technologies and high technology technical products, expand the use of university developments in the industrial and socio-economic spheres of life of the Eurasian states;

  • effective integration of the potential of the EAS Institute, the University associated with IA EAEC, other higher educational institutions, research and other organizations, innovative structures, aimed at developing the activities of the CIS, EAEU, SCO, BRICS member states to expand and deepen integration processes in the Eurasian space and the world;

  • development of information technologies in scientific, industrial and educational processes, as a single information base in the field of science, higher education and practical professional activities for the formation of the Eurasian information space;

  • formation of a system of scientific and popular science publications covering the evolution of the regional and global integration process;

  • creation of an individual system for training highly qualified personnel for the Eurasian space, capable of working in interdisciplinary fields of science, possessing fundamental knowledge in the field of the Eurasian economy, law, education, culture, social work, using modern information technologies; work as a business incubator for students at the University associated with IA EAEC and partner universities;

  • formation of a new innovative thinking of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the University in the organization of a multifaceted process of training and retraining of highly qualified specialists for the Eurasian space in the system of Eurasian experimental education;

  • creation of conditions for the protection of intellectual property and copyrights of researchers and developers as the basis for strengthening and developing university science and the entry of research teams of the University associated with IA EAEC (and partners) into the international market of high-tech products;

  • expansion of international scientific cooperation with educational institutions and various organizations of foreign countries, international funds in order to enter the international system of science and education and joint development of scientific products;

  • organizing and conducting scientific and organizational events in order to develop activities for the evolution of the scientific and educational space of Greater Eurasia;

  • expansion of scientific and educational cooperation between the member states of the CIS, the EAEU, the SCO, BRICS, and other Eurasian associations, taking into account the evolution of the economic, political, legal, sociocultural, scientific and educational space of Greater Eurasia; participation in international programmes and projects, both scientific and technological, and humanitarian.