Research laboratory of nanoelectronics

The Research laboratory of nanoelectronics is a part of the scientific divisions of the Research Institute of Euro-Asian Studies of the University associated with EA EAEC. Laboratory staff conducts applied and fundamental research in various areas that are at the forefront of world science. The most advanced areas in science, in demand in almost all areas of the modern economy, are: the development of new nanomaterials based on silicon and A3B5 semiconductor compounds, the development of technologies for their synthesis using the molecular beam epitaxy method, theoretical modeling of the processes of their formation and properties, their diagnostics and creation on their basis of a new elemental base of electronics; development of fundamentally new quantum nanotechnologies and development of radio photonics, etc.

The objectives of the implementation of scientific projects are the application of their results in such economic sectors as: microelectronic industry, oil and gas industry, power supply systems for hard-to-reach areas of the Arctic latitudes; systems of energy and energy supply of an ecological orientation, agriculture, alternative energy, a hybrid system of autonomous energy supply, wireless transmission of electrical energy and data, etc.

The employees of the laboratory of nanoelectronics are planning design and survey work in the following areas: solving problems of electrification of hard-to-reach geographic points, maintaining the “green” status of energy supply; design of energy-autonomous data processing centers of data storage and processing centers with cooling systems by natural air masses; development of unified energy platforms for wireless transmission of electrical energy, etc.