Research laboratory of nanobiotechnologies

The Research laboratory of nanobiotechnologies is a part of the scientific divisions of the Research Institute of Euro-Asian Studies of the University associated with EA EAEC. Laboratory staff conducts applied and fundamental research in various areas that make up the avant-garde of world science. The application of the results of ongoing scientific projects is aimed at using modern business in such sectors as: agriculture, oil and gas industry, processing of industrial, chemical and household waste using environmentally friendly methods; preventive and practical healthcare of the member countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, other extreme and urgent needs of the states of Greater Eurasia.

The study and synthesis of biocompatible materials, work in the field of transgenic microbiology, radiobiology and radiation chemistry, the development of systems for the utilization of highly toxic organic and inorganic compounds, the creation of targeted drugs, as well as scientific work in the field of ensuring the health of specialists working (living) in extreme climatic conditions, can serve as a basis for the formation of fundamentally new approaches needed to solve complex environmental and economic problems, diagnose and treat various diseases.

The laboratory staff is planning research work in the following areas: development of new biocompatible nanomaterials and electronic devices designed to study and control biological processes; creation of a theoretical base for the development of new medications and diagnostic devices using nanobiotechnologies; conducting research on biocompatible nanomaterials, medicinal nanopreparations and new physical methods of directed influence on the main physiological and pathological processes in the human body; systems of radiation sterilization and disinfection of biological and non-biological objects; development of systems for the biological decomposition of garbage and waste, etc.