Center for Food Security of the Eurasian States

The Center was established for mutually beneficial cooperation of universities, research and other organizations in research, scientific, methodological and scientific and educational activities in the field of education, natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities.

The main objectives of the Center for Food Security of the Eurasian States are: to coordinate, provide and conduct fundamental, applied research and other science-intensive work, organize and conduct scientific events, enhance international cooperation in the field of food security of the EAEU member countries, ensure maximum efficiency in the formation of research competencies of students in educational organizations; organization of a regular exchange of experience in the implementation of scientific activities by scientific and pedagogical workers of the EAEU member countries.

In 2019, the Center took part in three roundtable meetings at the Public Reception of the State Duma of the Russian Federation (September-December 2019) as part of a joint activity with the public reception of the Committee on Agrarian Issues of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region to develop multi-aspect project “Russian village of the XXI century”. Prospects for cooperation were discussed at a round table meeting held as part of the Eurasian Scientific Forum 2019. Further development of the project was slowed down by the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition to research activities, the Center also develops the practical implementation of the results of scientific research. Representatives of the University were included in the group of authors of patents: “Device for grinding food products” (patent No. 2650554), “Device for peeling vegetables and root crops” (patent No. 2646233), “Device for separating liquids by density” (patent No. 2646423). The patents have been confirmed by the Federal Institute of Industrial Property. The latest device for density separation of liquids presented at the International Exhibition of Innovations and Inventions was awarded the Grand Prix for “Best Innovative Idea”.

The problems of ensuring food security have become a constant focus of scientific discussions by representatives of science, education, and entrepreneurship in various Eurasian states. As a result of the discussions, the Center published collections of scientific articles (for example, “Problems of food security in the states of Greater Eurasia and ways to solve them”). Individual participants in scientific research publish their works in international collective monographs from the series "Euro-Asian Studies" (for example, “Eurasian Integration: Origins, Problems, Prospects”, “Great Eurasian Partnership”, “To the 25th Anniversary of Eurasian Integration”).