Center for Eurasian Integration

The Scientific and Educational Center for Eurasian Integration associated with IA EAEC (CEI) was established in 2012 as a structural subdivision of the University under the Cooperation Agreement between a higher educational institution and the Secretariat of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Eurasian Economic Community.

The main goals of the CEI are to coordinate, provide and conduct fundamental, applied research and other science-intensive work, create a scientific and educational base related to the activities of the University associated with IA EAEC. The Center for Eurasian Integration aims to solve such problems as obtaining new scientific knowledge, performing joint research works and using them in the activities of the EAEU and the scientific and educational activities of the University and its partners; effective integration of the potential of the University associated with IA EAEC, other higher educational institutions, research institutions and innovative structures, aimed at developing the activities of the EAEU to expand and deepen integration processes in the Eurasian space; creation of an individual system for training highly qualified personnel for the Eurasian space, capable of working in interdisciplinary fields of science, possessing fundamental knowledge in the field of the Eurasian economy, jurisprudence, education, culture, using modern information technologies and relying on traditional values; active development of publishing activity; organizing and conducting scientific and organizational events with the aim of developing activities to expand the scientific and educational Eurasian space; development of information technologies in scientific, industrial and educational processes, as a single information base in the field of science, higher education and practical professional activities for the formation of the Eurasian information space etc.

Over the past years, the CEI has acted as one of the main organizers of the Eurasian Scientific Forum, supported the implementation of international publishing projects, and stimulated the research activities of students.