Scientific divisions of the University

All departments of the University carry out the research activity of the University associated with IA EAEC.

The breadth of the research work led to the creation in 2019 instead of the research department of a special unit of the University - the Research Institute of Euro-Asian Studies. Its completion was delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. To date, it includes: four international scientific and educational centers (ISEC) and two research laboratories (RL): the Center for Eurasian Integration, the Kazakh-Russian Center for Legal Research, the Center for Food Security of the Eurasian States, the Center for Experimental Eurasian Education, the Center of Euro-Asian peoples’ Traditional Culture; research laboratory of nanobiotechnologies and research laboratory of nanoelectronics.

Centers and laboratories conduct applied and fundamental scientific research. Their scientific research is international and innovative. The application of the results of scientific projects of the ISEC can be used in such branches of modern industry as: oil and gas industry, agriculture, processing of industrial, chemical and household waste using environmentally friendly methods; microelectronic industry, modern preventive and practical healthcare of the EAEU member states, alternative energy, hybrid autonomous power supply system, wireless transmission of electricity and data, other extreme and urgent needs of the Eurasian states. The development of new nanomaterials based on silicon and A3B5 semiconductor compounds, the creation of fundamentally new quantum nanotechnologies and the development of radio photonics are currently the most advanced areas in science that are in demand in almost all spheres of life in the states of Greater Eurasia.