Scientific activities of the University

Education and science are the foundations for the formation of a person's personality, his constant development and understanding of the world around him. Science and education have been developing in interaction for many centuries. And thanks to the continuous transformation and renewal, today science is presented in the form of sets of scientific branches, correlated with the areas and specialties of vocational training in higher education. The basis of any science is formed by systematized facts, theories, hypotheses, research methods. The results of scientific research included in the content of educational activities significantly increase the quality of human capital.

In the activities of the University associated with IA EAEC, science appears both as a system of knowledge about the world and as a practical activity carried out on the basis of this knowledge. Therefore, the results of scientific research form an innovative reserve for the development of the system of educational activities of the University, in which science manifests itself as knowledge, as an activity and as a social institution, as a kind of spiritual production.

The University associated with IA EAEC constantly updates and expands the research activities of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff, both at the University and in the system of international cooperation. Since 2019, the Research Institute of Euro-Asian Studies has been formed as a scientific division of the University associated with IA EAEC, which today includes four international scientific and educational centers (ISEC) and two research laboratories (RL). Centers and laboratories conduct applied and fundamental scientific research. Their scientific search is international and innovative.

The process of vocational training at the University is due to the implementation of fundamental and applied research, mainly related to the development of the regional integration process on the Eurasian continent. Modern knowledge obtained in the course of scientific research is regularly introduced into the content of professional training at all levels of education. The integration of the educational process and scientific research makes it possible to train specialists for the Eurasian space, capable of solving the most important practical problems of Eurasian integration based on the results of scientific creativity.

In the development of the scientific and methodological component of scientific activity, the University carries out regular updating and publication of educational and methodological literature in the areas of training (see the section “Scientific and publishing activities of the University associated with IA EAEC”).

The University associated with IA EAEC has set itself the goal of maintaining and further developing professional scientific communication between representatives of science and education of the new Eurasian states. The University initiated the organization of interdisciplinary scientific research and a number of major international innovation projects. To achieve these goals, the University associated with IA EAEC is constantly developing scientific interaction between educational, industrial and public organizations of various Eurasian states through contracts, agreements, memorandums on scientific, educational, scientific-technical and scientific-educational cooperation.

Among the scientific and organizational events, the Eurasian Scientific Forum plays the most important role, it was established more than 10 years ago by the Nobel Prize winner, Academician Zh.I. Alferov and Rector of the University I.Zh. Iskakov (see the section “Scientific activities of the University associated with IA EAEC”).

The activity of research, scientific, organizational and educational activities of the University associated with IA EAEC in the field of Eurasian integration motivated the growing interest of science, entrepreneurship and education in cooperation with the scientific and pedagogical workers of the University, evidence of which was the research work carried out on orders from various public and industrial organizations. The research topics are determined by the University's mission, the University Development Strategy, the main activities of the scientific and pedagogical workers of the University and partner universities in the fields of education, science and economic systems of the Eurasian states, as well as the interests of representatives of the entrepreneurial sphere.

An important place is allocated to the research work of students. To strengthen their motivation for scientific research, the University holds scientific and educational seminars, scientific disputes, competitions of educational and scientific works, etc. The holding of the International Competition for Research, Design and Creative Works of Young Scientists of Eurasia “Science and Creativity: Dialogue and Development”, initiated by the University associated with IA EAEC, plays an important role. Since 2021 (every two years), the University organizes the International Scientific and Practical School of Young Scientists of Eurasia “Scientific Spring”.

The scientific and pedagogical workers of the University are convinced that the role of science in the educational process is multifunctional. New knowledge obtained as a result of scientific research contributes to the actualization of the educational process, strengthens its theoretical and practical components; their implementation expands and deepens the professional horizons of future specialists who acquire relevant knowledge and skills to fit into a single political, economic and socio-cultural space of Greater Eurasia.