Championship “Creative Solution of Business Problems Using the Example of TIPS”


Students of the Interregional Institute of Economics and Law took part in the Project Championship “Creative Solution of Business Problems Using the Example of TIPS”.

The Case Championship consisted of an exciting and intellectually rich competition, which allowed participants to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in the field of Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TIPS).

Students from the following Departments took part in the Championship:

1. Department of Economics and Customs

2. Department of Law

3. Department of Business Communications

Such activities not only promote the development of creative thinking and analytical skills, but also allow students to apply their knowledge in practice and learn to work in a team.

The experts on the jury were:

1. Detistova Angelina Andreevna - Gazprom Gas Station Network LLC, Deputy Head of the Labor Protection, Production Control, Civil Defense, Emergency Protection and Fire Safety Service;

2. Znamenskii Andrei Aleksandrovich - Modeling and Digital Twins JSC, Business Development Manager;

3. Mikhailiuk Pavel Petrovich - Eureka JSC, PhD, Chief Designer for AI;

4. Balandin Dmitrii Valerevich - Gazpromneft - Digital Solutions LLC, Head of the Center for the Development of Neural Network Solutions.

In the first half of the Championship, Dmitrii Valerevich Balandin spoke about the theoretical component of TIPS. Dmitrii Valerevich spoke in detail about the founder of the theory, in what areas and why TIPS is used, and together with the students they reviewed the table of contradictions.

During the Case Championship, the participants solved one of the difficult problems associated with the search for new, non-standard solutions and an innovative approach to problems. Each team put forward the main problems and developed a solution algorithm.

Participation in such an event not only helps students develop their professional skills, but also provides an opportunity to meet colleagues from other groups and departments, exchange experiences and be inspired by new ideas.

The TIPS Case Championship is an excellent opportunity for students to express themselves, unlock their potential and gain valuable experience working in a team. Such activities contribute to the development of leadership skills, the ability to make decisions in conditions of limited time and resources, improve communication skills and help future professional activities.

The Department of Economics and Customs thanks Dmitrii Valerevich Balandin for organizing and holding the event, the team of the Student Scientific Community (SSC) represented by Aleksei Kazmin for assistance in organizing and photographer Marina Pliutova.

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