Department of Economics and Customs

Dean of the Department

Turovskaya Maria Sergeevna

Dean of Economics and Customs Department
PhD in Economics,
associate professor


14/1 Smolyachkova st, 5th floor, Saint-Petersburg, 194044

(812) 542-23-87

Monday-Friday 9:00 - 18:00

About us

Economic education is one of the most in-demand types of education in the territory of the Russian Federation and in the Eurasian space. The faculty aims to provide skilled and competitive professionals in the field of Economics, Customs, Management and Business Informatics.

Faculty teaching is based on the following concepts:

  • highly qualified and experienced academic staff with scientific achievements
  • well-equipped classrooms (including the laboratory of commodity science and examination of goods, laboratory of customs control, laboratory of metrology, standardization and certification.)
  • vast training base.

Training at the Department of Economics and Customs has been conducted at the University under the Interparliamentary Assembly of EurAsEC since 1998, after a year from the establishment of the Institute. Since the department was formed, training has been conducted in "Finance and Credits" programmes. The first graduation was held in 2002.

Since 2002, the Department of Finance and Credit, Department of Management and Organization have operated at the faculty. Since 2008, the Department of Mathematics and Information Technologies has begun its work as a graduate Department in the field of "Business Informatics" specialization. When teaching on the "Customs" programme started in 2011, the Department of "Customs Regulation and Customs" has been formed at the faculty. High-quality basic economic training and the use of active training methods, focused on enhancing practical skills and abilities in all areas of education, provides graduates with a successful start and further career growth.

Education at the faculty includes:

Pursuing higher economic education in the most popular specialties in the sphere of Economics.

Classes with highly-qualified professors, many of whom have practical experience in various fields of Economics, as well as authority in the scientific community and a great number of published monographs, textbooks and teaching aids.

Full compliance of curricula and steering documents of disciplines with the requirements of the Federal State Educational Standard in the areas of "Economics", "Management", "Business Informatics" and "Customs".

  • Balanced and effective combination of legal, economic, humanitarian and communication disciplines in the educational process.

  • Double degree training program that allows students to combine learning at two faculties at reduced cost of training.

  • Flexible system of fee discounts (monthly payment is possible).

  • Practical training at enterprises, institutions and organizations of a wide economic profile.

  • State-recognized degree.

During your studies at Management course, you will learn Basics of Management and Economics, Statistics and Corporate Theory, Strategic Management as well as HR Management. The course also includes elective part with subjects such as Marketing, Corporate Finance, Logistics, Innovative Management, Tax and Taxation. Areas of Specialization consist of Project Management, Risk Management, Econometrics, and so on. Students have an opportunity to study Business English and Second Foreign Language (German, French, Italian, and Chinese).

Economics degree includes the studies of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Mathematics, Statistics, Marketing, Finance Management, International Economics. Main elective courses are E-Business, Corporate Finance, Logistics, Tax and Taxation, Accounting and Auditing. Future bachelors may specialize in State and Municipal Finance, Banking, Cost Management, Risk Management, Investments. Students have an opportunity to study Business English and Second Foreign Language (German, French, Italian, and Chinese).

Studying at Business Informatics program, you will learn basics of Cyber security, Probability and Mathematics Statistics, Computer Systems, Software Engineering, Management of IT Service, Fundamentals of Block chain Technology. Elective courses include Data Analysis, IT Infrastructure of Enterprise, Operation Research, Business Process Modeling. Students have an opportunity to study Second Foreign Language (German, French, Italian, and Chinese).

Customs students study Fundamentals of Customs Service, Customs Law and Statistics, International Law, Finance, Customs Control, Customs Charges, State Regulation of Foreign Trade. As elective part students may choose to study Tax and Taxation, Customs Logistics, Foreign Exchange Regulation and Control, Customs Control Practice and many others. Students have an opportunity to study Second Foreign Language (German, French, Italian, and Chinese).

The University implements programs that are necessary for the modern youth for their professional growth and mastering of intercultural competence. These are the professional international programs, individual academic mobility programs, also during summer period, international «Double degree» programs.


Currently, the Faculty of Economics conducts fundamental research in the following areas:

  • risk management in the activities of organizations regardless of their forms of ownership
  • change of ownership structure and formation of framework for entrepreneurship;
  • institutional Economics.