The Institute trains bachelors in the educational programme in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education in the field of study 43.03.02 “Tourism”. After successfully passing the state final exam, students are issued a state bachelor's degree. Students liable for military service are granted a deferment from the army. The educational programme is implemented in full-time and part-time forms of study (part-time form is implemented using distance technologies).

Graduates of the programme are able to develop and implement a tourism product that meets the requirements of consumers; organize comprehensive tourism services in the main sectors of the tourism industry; work in the tourism industry in general.


Duration of studies:

  • 4 years (full-time studies)

  • 4 years 11 months (part-time studies)
  • 4 years 9 months (part-time studies on the basis of HE)


Basic courses:

  • Basics of tourism activities

  • Information technology in the tourism industry
  • Organization of tourism activities
  • Management in tourism activities
  • Tourism regional studies and geographic conjuncture
  • Tourism and recreational design
  • Technology for organizing excursion activities
  • Tourist destinations in Russia
  • Exhibition technologies
  • Event tourism
  • Legal regulation in tourism


Students do internships in the following organizations:

  • “ANTARES” Travel company

  • “Kilit Global” Travel company
  • “FranceStage” Agency
  • “Aviatour-expert” studying center
  • LLC “School Tourism Center”
  • “Soleans Travel” Travel company
  • MFC “Lakhta Center”
  • St. Petersburg Center for Humanitarian Programs
  • Boutique Hotel “Leningrad” (LLC “EPTA”)
  • Public Foundation for the Promotion of the Development of Cosmetology, Hairdressing and Aesthetics “Nevsky Be



Future career:

  • Director of individual tours

  • Territory brand manager
  • Quality control coordinator at a travel agency
  • Visa specialist
  • Head of tourism projects


Graduates who have successfully mastered the basic educational programme in the field of study “Tourism” can work in any organizations related to the tourism services market. These are companies engaged in the transportation of passengers, passport and visa services, customs authorities, travel agencies, hotels, sanatoriums, etc.

Intensive language training within the framework of the educational programme being implemented is conducted in two foreign languages ​​at once: English and German, French, Chinese, Italian - by choice.