Conflict Resolution Studies

A conflictologist is a specialist in the prevention, forecasting and resolution of conflicts, using both psychological and legal knowledge in his practice. The competence of a conflictologist includes not only the ability to analyze various types of conflicts, develop a strategy and tactics for their settlement (resolution), but also the ability to apply special conflict management technologies, including informational and psychological impact on the conflicting parties, the skills of conducting a negotiation process, performing the functions of a mediator, negotiator , an arbitrator, as well as a consultant psychologist, if necessary in a specific conflict / crisis situation. The educational program is implemented in full-time and part-time forms of study.

The Institute of Applied Psychoanalysis and Psychology trains bachelors under the program “Conflictology” in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education in the field of study 37.03.02 “Conflictology”. After successfully passing the state final examination, students are issued a state bachelor's degree. Students liable for military service are granted a deferment from the army.

Basic studying courses

  • History of conflictology

  • Conflictology of international relations
  • Training methodology
  • General psychology
  • Fundamentals of counseling psychology
  • Pedagogy
  • Business psychology
  • Psychology of conflict
  • Psychology of personality
  • Psychology of mass communications
  • Psychology of communication
  • Psychology of creativity
  • Social psychology
  • Theory of conflict resolution and peacebuilding
  • Experimental psychology

Practice and future career

Students of the Institute of Applied Psychoanalysis and Psychology do internships in the following organizations:

  • LLC Medical Center “Sanavita”

  • Municipal Council of the Intracity Municipal Formation of St. Petersburg of the Municipal District of the Finland District
  • Private preschool educational institution kindergarten № 2 LLC “Russian Railways”
  • Health care institution “CENTER SIRIUS”
  • Interregional public organization of social assistance to children “Our children”
  • LLC “Interregional Center for Contemporary Psychoanalysis”
  • Psychological center “Puzzle”

After receiving a diploma, graduates of the Institute of Applied Psychoanalysis and Psychology work as consultant psychologists in government organizations and private medical clinics, work as specialists in the human resources (HR) or training and development (T&D) of personnel, conduct trainings and master classes. Most of the graduates are engaged in private practice, conduct face-to-face counseling and counseling with the use of technical means in trust services, on psychological help websites (for example: helpline 812, website “the Psychology of a Happy Life”, charitable foundation “Your Territory”).

Benefits of studying at the Institute of Applied Psychoanalysis and Psychology of our University

  • Continuous personal growth and finding inner peace

  • Tradition-rich student life
  • Highly qualified department staff
  • A reasonable balance of science and practice in studying
  • International academic mobility programs
  • Individual educational trajectory (including the possibility of studying in an accelerated program)