Advertising and PR

Double degree Bachelorʼs Programme

Advertising and Public Relations

The university trains bachelors under the double degree program in the field of study 42.03.01 “Advertising and public relations” (with in-depth learning of the Chinese language and Chinese culture) in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard of Higher Education in conjunction with Hebei University (The Peopleʼs Republic of China).

The bachelor's double degree program of the University associated with IA EAEC and Hebei University in advertising and public relations is designed to train specialists in the field of advertising and public relations with in-depth study of the Chinese language. This programme allows students to receive Russian and Chinese education at the same time.

Graduates of the programme receive a state bachelor's degree in the field of study 42.03.01 “Advertising and Public Relations” with grades in the courses passed by the University associated with IA EAEC, a certificate of a bachelor's degree and a state bachelor's degree with grades in the courses passed by Hebei University.

About the programme

  • 4 years - full-time study

  • 15 places with scholarship support (no tuition fee in Hebei University)
  • Instruction is conducted in Russian and Chinese
  • State accreditation

Basic courses

  • Fundamentals of Communication Theory

  • Theory and Practice of Mass Media
  • Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Marketing Research and Situational Analysis
  • Branding
  • Development and Production Technology of an Advertising Product
  • Communication Management
  • Organization of the Work of Advertising and Public Relations Departments
  • Fundamentals of Media Planning
  • Internet Marketing
  • Organization and Implementation of an Advertising and PR Campaign
  • Consumer Behaviour Research
  • Psychology of Advertising
  • Formation of Corporate Identity
  • Audio and Video Production
  • Chinese Language

Mode of study

The double degree program is implemented in a network form and involves the training of students in two universities - in Russia (the Department of Business Communication of the University associated with IA EAEC) and China (the Department of Journalism and Communications of Hebei University). In accordance with the curriculum of the programme, students study for 2.5 years at the University associated with IA EAEC and 1.5 years at Hebei University.

Benefits of the programme

  • Opportunity to study at two universities at the same time. The double degree programme gives students more opportunities to master the profession, including the involvement of international experience of students’ training.

  • A unique experience of living in another country. Learning a foreign language at a deeper level as a result of studying in China at Hebei University. Students of the programme will be able to form a new international social circle, establish connections and contacts around the world.
  • The opportunity to continue studying abroad and get a job there.
  • The periods of study and the results of examinations at the partner university are automatically recognized and counted on the basis of the agreements in force at the partner universities, general principles and quality assurance standards.
  • The economic importance of China. The labor market in China offers a wide range of opportunities for those who speak Chinese. If you are fluent in both Chinese and English, the prospects for finding an interesting job in an international company will be even higher.
  • China is an ancient civilization and an interesting culture. Studying abroad is, at a minimum, an opportunity to communicate with the culture and people of the country. The country's diverse geography ranges from the Himalayan Mountains in the southwest to the Gobi Desert in the north and coastal regions in the east. You can see the diversity of China's nature by taking advantage of the developed and affordable high-speed rail network.
  • Studying campuses in China are striking in scale and convenient infrastructure. On the territory there is everything necessary for education and everyday life (hostel, student canteens, grocery stores, libraries, cafes, parks, sports grounds).

Enrollment in Hebei University

Students of the joint educational program go to study at Hebei University in the fifth, sixth and seventh semesters. In order to go to China, students are required to pass the HSK 4 exam. The HSK 4 exam takes place at the end of the fourth semester.