Petrova Marina Iurevna
Head Librarian

Petrova Marina IUrevna is also happy to help in choosing educational literature and providing reference and bibliographic information.

The library of the University associated with the Interparliamentary Assembly of the EurAsEC plays an important role in the life of the University; it is fully equipped with all the necessary teaching aids and reference materials to ensure the educational process.

Currently, the library has the most complete collection of literature in the areas of studying:

  • 37.03.01 "Psychology"

  • 37.03.02 "Conflictology"

  • 38.03.01 "Economics"

  • 38.03.02 "Management"

  • 38.03.05 "Business Informatics"

  • 03.38.06 "Commerce"

  • 40.03.01 "Jurisprudence"

  • 42.03.01 "Advertising and public relations"

  • 43.03.01 "Service"

  • 43.03.02 "Tourism"

  • 54.03.01 "Design"

  • 54.03.02 "Decorative and applied arts and folk crafts"

  • 38.05.02 "Customs"

  • 40.04.01 "Jurisprudence"

  • 06.38.01 "Economics"

  • 40.06.01 "Jurisprudence"

Electronic library system "University Library Online"

ADVANTAGES of ELS "University Library Online"

The educational literature is divided into sections that allow students to quickly find the necessary book. It is enough to enter the name or surname of the author, or the title of the book.

This resource contains not only educational, scientific, scientific periodicals, but also fiction.

In ELS, it is possible to save the necessary book on your page.

There is a constant updating of publications, new sources of information appear.

You can make a summary on the site. For example, for a convenient period for chapters or paragraphs of a book.

Electronic library system "IPR BOOKS"

ELS “IPRbooks” will make your study easier and more interesting! On the platform, you have access to the most relevant books that cannot be found in the public domain on the Internet (the total number of publications on the platform today is more than 140,000). Working with IPRbooks, you can save your time and money on finding and buying publications recommended for learning. At the same time, it is possible to access the system and the full texts of books without any restrictions - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any device.


Reception and distribution of educational literature:

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 11.30-18.40;

Wed: library day (readers are not served);

Sat-Sun: CLOSED.


Phone number: 8-981-707-38-06